Review- “Iconoplastic”- Ben Everyman

reviewed by Michael

With such snappy wordplay as an album title and a name like “Everyman” you may be thrown for a loop. What you will discover is that you won’t find many better lyricists than this guy.

That isn’t a statement I’ll make without some backing up, of course. While Everyman’s folky guitars and background vocals are definitely something to be admired, it is his insanely witty lyrics that kept me paying complete attention to his music.

Right from the album opener, “Ladeda” I knew I had found something unique. This song in particular is just brimming with beautiful imagery of landscapes and just wanting to relax and not worry about things. My favourite lyric of that song is “All the hipsters dress like cats.”

It’s when he gets into his later songs that you’ll start to see his wit in action. In “Rocknrollstar” you’ll hear a song dripping with irony. In the song Everyman points out such things as wondering why your day would be made meeting a famous person when there are tons of regular people who would be just as cool.

“Jesus Grew Grass (In His Garden)” is really not a religious hymn as it might sound. Instead Everyman suggests (about the grass): “He probably smoked it too.” He ends the album with “Video Game Guy” where he says he wants to be a video game man because he’d have three lives to live.

It’s a really pleasing album that I did not expect to be as good as it was. This guy certainly knows how to write a song and some musicians could take a note from him.

Top Tracks: “Ladeda”; “Jesus Grew Grass (In His Garden)

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) +*swoop*

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